Wheat Marketing

wheatPaul Toseland (Grain) Ltd offers cereal growers a totally unbiased opinion of the market, drawn from information derived from daily contact with established consumers, brokers, shippers and merchants.

Having forged excellent relationships with like minded no-nonsense buyers, Paul Toseland (Grain) Ltd seeks to maximise a crops' potential, with the minimum possibility of expensive rejection costs or allowances. This may mean sampling your grain more than once.

We do not charge the grower for DON tests; something we believe should be part of the deal when it comes to premium quality wheat.

Our emphasis is on trading for tomorrows trade. By careful allocation to selected homes, we pride ourselves on the farmer receiving payment at the full contract price. Small screening allowances taken by consumers are often not seen by the grower.

With the volatility of all commodity markets now common place, Paul Toseland (Grain) Ltd can offer the grower a range of marketing tools to minimise their exposure to the uncertainties of volatile markets. Please click on the Managed Marketing tab, in Grain Marketing.

In an ever changing market, your choices as a grower become ever more important. By offering flexibility, Paul Toseland (Grain) Ltd is able to build a marketing strategy, tailored to each individual.