Pool Choices

Harvest Pool : Grain moved during the months of July / August / September.

Short Pool : Grain moved during the months of October / November / December.

Mid Pool : Grain moved during the months of January / February / March.

Late Pool : Grain moved during the months of April / May / June.

Long Pool : Grain moved during the months of January / February / March / April / May / June.


Which crops can I pool?

  1. Wheat - Group 1 Milling
  2. Wheat - Group 2 Milling
  3. Wheat - Group 3 & 4
  4. Feed Barley
  5. Oilseed Rape
  6. Feed Beans
  7. Feed Peas


Quantity, Quality & Price Variations

If 100% of any single commodity committed, the quantity for each pool will be on the basis of a crop estimate pre-harvest. This will be amended to actual tonnage of grain post harvest.

If partial crop committed then quantity will be that contracted, plus or minus tolerances as per AIC or FOSFA contracts.

Where this is the case, it is suggested that it be stored separately from grain contracted to another party. ie separate side/bins etc.

The grower will be paid for the quality produced, determined by the analysis of samples collected immediately after harvest. Any premiums will be added when the pool is concluded.



Harvest Pool (Wheat/Oats/Pulses); One payment 31st October.

Harvest Pool (Barley/Oilseeds); One payment 30th September.

Short Pool (Wheat/Barley/Oats/Pulses/Oilseeds); One payment 31st January.

Mid Pool (Wheat/Oats/Pulses/Oilseeds); One payment 30th April


Late Pool (Wheat/Barley/Oats/Pulses/Oilseeds); One payment 31st July.

Long Pool (Wheat/Barley/Oats/Pulses/Oilseeds); One payment 31st July.

Marketing Fee

A marketing levy of £1.75 / Tonne will be charged on cereals and pulses.

A marketing levy of £2.00 / Tonne will be charged on oilseeds.

Variation on Payments / Interest Charges

Advanced payments may be taken outside of the payment scheme laid out in paragraph [4]. These will at the buyers discretion and to be discussed on an individual basis. Any such agreement will be subject to an interest charge of 2% over Lloyds TSB Bank plc base rate.

No interest charges will be deducted against the standard interim payment scheme as per paragraph [4].


Contractual Obligations

All terms and conditions as per AIC and FOSFA contracts current at time of delivery relevant to any particular commodity.

The buyers shall be entitled to alter specific wording or paragraphs on contracts to suit individual buyers terms but only when acting in producers interests.

Sellers must also ensure that all commodities comply with any rules or laws laid out by the Government or European Parliament. Those being COSSH, FEPA, Pesticides and Residues Act, Food Safety Act, Salmonella and Mycotoxin Issues.

For more details or if you have a specific question regarding Toseland's Marketing Pools, please contact us via the contact page.