OSR Marketing

oil seed rapeWith only 3 crushing facilities within England currently, the grower’s choice of consumer is limited. Besides any export potential, Erith, Liverpool and Hull are OSR’s only premium destinations. A lesser amount of OSR is also used into a few Feed Mills for animal feed.

Paul Toseland (Grain) Ltd can offer storage deals to growers who need to move Rape at harvest to make space, but who do not want to take the discounted harvest price. The grower then decides when to sell the Rape throughout the year, a storage charge (to include Haulage/Handling and Storage) is then deducted from the settling payment.

With speed of movement a major priority at harvest, before the wheat harvest arrives, Toseland Grain chooses to move OSR to local stores with flexible intake, this in turn minimises OSR stock building up on farm, when the grower needs movement.